How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

If you want windows clean and sparkling but don’t have the money for professional cleaners right now, you are in luck. If you know the correct way how, it is an easy chore for anyone to do. It requires only a little time and a few inexpensive tools. The rewards are instant, and you will love what you have managed to achieve in a short space of time.

Remember, you will only be able to do your windows yourself if they are easy to reach. If your windows are set too high, it’s best to leave it to the pros, so you should only focus on those you are actually able to get to.

Get the Right Tools Before You Begin

Getting the right tools is the best way of ensuring that washing your windows takes up the least amount of time and provides the best results. Simply gather your step ladder, cleaning cloths, a squeegee, bucket, and washing soap to begin. The quickest way to remove the dirt from your windows is plain old soap and water.

It can remove just about any kind of dirt, and is inexpensive to boot. Store-bought sprays work better for spot removals, but soap and water should be your pick for bigger jobs. Newspapers are a good idea for wiping as well, because they are cheap and compostable, but for a professional finish, it’s best to buy a good-quality squeegee to do the job.

Warm water works best, and you’ll need a dry cloth to wipe off the squeegee between uses as well. The ideal weather for the job is a cloudy day because the sun can dry up the soap and water on the windowpane before the cleaning’s completed. If it is a sunny day, start with the windows that are in the shade so that you get a chance to wipe the windows before the soap dries.

A Simple Four-Step Process

Giving your windows that professional shine can be done in a simple four-step program:

  1. Put your cleaning solution into your bucket of warm water, and make sure that the squeegee can fit into this when you need it to. Dip the squeegee into the bucket, and smear the water and soap over the dirty windowpane.
  2. Remove the wet cover from your squeegee and, from the top of the window to the bottom, draw it across the casement. This will see all the dirt and soap removed from the pane, dripping into the area below. Curving the squeegee downward as you come to the end of each of your strokes will help minimize the mess.
  3. Dry the squeegee after each pass over the window panes, as this will help you avoid drips, and prevent streaks from appearing on your newly cleaned panes.
  4. When you have finished this part of the process, dry up the drips that remain on the bottom of the window and make sure your window sill is free of dirt and water too.

You can clean your windows like a professional in a couple of hours’ time with the help of these tips and the right tools. Enjoy your transformed home without the extra expense.


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