Why upgrade your windows and doors:

If your house was built more than 15 years ago, you are missing out on the benefits that newly designed and manufactured windows and doors offer.

  • Outstanding looks
    Weathered and buckled windows and doors will make your whole house seem weathered and buckled. Brand new replacements will do wonders.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
    Maximize the energy efficiency of your house with our energy efficient windows and doors that minimize air and water infiltration, reduce condensation, reflect heat outdoors in the summer and retain heat indoors in the winter seasons.

  • Superior lifetime performance
    Windows and doors manufactured with computer fusion-welding techniques coupled with premium composites of vinyl or aluminium outer shell makes your purchase a lifetime investment.

    • Increase safety and security
      With improved locks and latches as standard, enhanced security comes with this investment.
    • Ease of operation
      With the new hardware that comes with these replacements, the gears, cranks, latches, hinges, etc. are in perfect condition. This makes for a luxurious feel of smooth operation.
    • Ease of maintenance
      For vinyl and aluminium products, virtually no painting is required. Cleaning is also aided by double sash windows that tilt inwards.

      With these manufacturers, we can offer you:

      Casement Windows
      Awning Windows
      Double Hung Windows
      French Casements
      Double Hung Replacements
      Bay and Bow Windows
      Box Bays
      Garden Windows
      Octagons, Rectangles and Trapezoids
      Radius Windows
      Window Walls
      Patio Doors
      Sliding Patio Doors
      Center Swing Patio Doors
      Horizontal Sliding Windows
      Entry Door Systems
      Interior Doors
      Fire Doors
      French Doors
      Sash Doors
      Traditional Wooden or Steel Doors